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Teacher Class Bulletin Board

Teacher Class Bulletin Board

Information about external offerings from Labyrinth teachers as independent contractors. If interested, please contact the teachers directly for enrollment.

Shane Braverman:

Spanish Class Video
Spanish Survey Link

Judi Byrne:

Art Classes

Guen Goossen:

American Girl History

Dennis Helppie:

Private Music Lessons

Molly Hurd:

On-line science classes by Molly Hurd

Sari Israel:

Art Classes

Tamarah Lee:

Middle and high school writing, literature and history classes

Ed Morin:

Electricity, Magnetism, and Arduino Classes

Frank Pease:

Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, and Geometry
Algebra 2 course proposal

Trish Rector:

Coding and Programming Classes

Marilyn Romatka:

Creative Crafts of the World Class Offerings

Matt Smith:

Forest Parkour and Private PE

Patty Spear:

History and Literature classes

Sarah Weeldreyer:

Yoga for Every Body

Charmin Wray:

Labyrinth Dance Classes

Meka Zieger:

Drawing and More: Illustrated Journaling