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Labyrinth Policies

This document is in transition to reflect tuition and procedure changes for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have questions about policies for this year, please ask a board member or contact us through the email addresses found in the side menu.

This page highlights some of our policies. Please see the Labyrinth Parent Handbook/FAQ for more details on these points, and lots of other information about our co-op. The link is in the sidebar.


A parent or legal guardian must be present the entire time a child is at Labyrinth. In case of an emergency please see a board member for an offsite authorization form.

Toddlers and young children not in class need to be supervised at all times.

Labyrinth parking is on the left side of the lot as you face the church. Be sure not to park in the spots designated for high school parking. If you are unable to find a parking spot on the left side of the lot, please notify the information desk immediately to be issued a temporary parking pass.

If Issaquah School District is closed or delayed, Labyrinth classes will be cancelled and an email will be sent. In rare instances, Mary Queen of Peace will close the church if the parking lot is deemed unsafe due to ice. If that happens, the Board will send an email as soon as possible. Last minute announcements are also sent to members as a text message via the "Remind" app.


Each Labyrinth family is assigned a co-op job for which the adult is responsible every week (including weeks s/he cannot attend for any reason).

Everybody needs to identify a back up person for their job. If you will be absent for any reason, notify your back up person and the Jobs Coordinator as soon as possible.

See the Handbook for more information about jobs, including help finding a back up.


Use the calendar on the welcome screen, or a tab in the sidebar to view important dates for paying tuition and dropping classes.

The week before the start of a session, invoices will be generated and an email will be sent to parents alerting them to the new charges. At this point you can log into your account and see your tuition bill for the next session. 

Payments will be made online through PayPal or other secure methods. If you do not have a PayPal account, you can sign into PayPal as a guest and pay with credit card.
If there is a problem with your account, please email the board as soon as possible to avoid being dropped from your classes and Labyrinth. 

If tuition has not been paid by the due date, a $20 late fee will be assessed. 

If payment has not been made by the first day of the new session, and the Board has not been contacted, students will be dropped from their classes. Families without classes will become inactive. If at any point in the year you wish to rejoin, you can contact us to be placed at the end of the list of families waiting to join Labyrinth. You will be readmitted as room permits.



Classes may be added at any time in the four week session, however, you will owe for the full session. When you enroll in the class online you will pay for the full current session and the last session in May. EXAMPLE: If you add a class the 2nd week of Session 2 (October), you will pay for all of Session 2 and also Session 8 (May). At the start of Session 8, you will not owe anything, as you have already paid.

Classes need to be dropped prior to the drop deadline, or you will be charged for the following session. 

If a teacher cancels class, the tuition for the missed class is credited to the following session. 

If Labyrinth cancels classes due to weather, 50% of the tuition for the missed class is credited to the following session. 

Updated 3/2019