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Labyrinth Parent Handbook / FAQ

This document is in transition to reflect tuition and procedure changes for the 2019-2020 school year. If you have questions about policies for this year, please ask a board member or contact us through the email addresses found in the side menu.

This page gives lots of details about our co-op. Please also read the Labyrinth Policies page in the sidebar. If you have questions we haven't answered, please let us know! You can find our contact info in a tab on the sidebar menu.

Labyrinth was founded in 2004 to facilitate a strong sense of community among home school families on the Eastside by providing classes, organizing events and providing a place where homeschoolers can meet. Our group consists of families united to meet their needs and aspirations with the common purpose of educating our children. Labyrinth is an all-volunteer organization. Labyrinth Board Members and its members volunteer their time and talent to make Labyrinth the strong and vibrant community that it is. By cooperative effort we can provide classes and a strong community to all members.


How can I find out more about Labyrinth?  Please see the side menu for the our contact information. Our new families’ coordinator is glad to discuss Labyrinth with you and set up a tour. You will want to be familiar with our class options before you register and pay.

How do I join? Once you have determined Labyrinth is a good fit for your family, please join via the website. The new interface lays out the steps to input your family information, sign your family contract and pay your non-refundable registration fee. You will then be able to enroll in classes. 

How do I enroll in classes? Use the calendar on the welcome screen, or a tab in the sidebar to see the start date for each session. You may add classes at any time in the four week session, however, you will owe for the full session. At the time you enroll, you will also pay tuition for the last month.  This means that you will not pay tuition during our last session of co-op in May. EXAMPLE: If you add a class the 2nd week of Session 2 (October), you will pay for all of Session 2 and also Session 8 (May). At the start of Session 8, you will not owe anything, as you have already paid.

For each family member there is a drop down menu of classes. When you enroll in a class, you will be charged tuition for the current session and the last session in May. Once paid, tuition is non refundable. 

Some classes have one time supply fees that will be arranged and paid directly to the teacher.

How do I drop a class?   If you need to drop a class, use the tab for adding and dropping classes. Click on "Drop" next to the class you are dropping. 

Classes need to be dropped prior to the drop deadline, or you will be charged for the following session. If you drop a class during the middle of the year, you will lose your last month’s tuition for that class. 

Any time you add a new class, or re-add a dropped class, you will need to pay first and last month's tuition. 


Do I need to have a job?  Yes. “Co-op” is short for “co-operative”, and requires the effort of all the members. Each Labyrinth family is assigned a co-op job for which the adult is responsible every week (including weeks s/he cannot attend for any reason).  

How and when do I note my job preferences?  Use the tab on the sidebar of your welcome screen to indicate job preferences. In addition to selecting your preferred jobs, you can record other information such as having an infant with you, any physical limitations you have or time constraints to be noted. Remember to save your preferences before leaving the screen. 

If your schedule changes or you cannot do your assigned job on an ongoing basis, please contact the Jobs Coordinator as soon as possible. As per our job policy, you will be required to continue to work your job until a replacement can be found.  
How do I find a back up person for my job?  It is important that each family identifies a backup person early in the year and has contact information for that person. 

Record your back up person by going to your welcome screen and selecting “View My Job Assignments”. There are spots to record back up people and their phone numbers. 

Often just asking around the snack room will do the trick to locate a backup, especially if you can be a backup for that person. 

Posting on our Labyrinth Families FaceBook page is also a good way to reach people.

Teacher’s helpers can ask the teacher for names of parents with children in the class who might be willing to act as a back up.

Advise your backup person and the Jobs Coordinator as early as possible in the event you are unable to do your Labyrinth job for any particular class day.

Please alert the Jobs Coordinator or a Board Member if you need help in finding a back up after reasonable attempts to find one.


Can I drop off my child while they attend Labyrinth? No. Per our contract with the church, parents need to remain in the building with their children.

Where can I park? The church has asked that we park on the south side of the parking lot, nearest the door we use to access Labyrinth. This is the left side of the parking lot as you face the church. The north side of the lot is for church staff and visitors. Be sure not to park in the spots closest to the high school, which are for special permits only. 

If you are unable to find a parking spot on the left side of the lot, please notify the information desk immediately to be issued a temporary parking pass.

What do parents/siblings do while a student is in class?  We have a large common area, the Snack Room, where our families gather to study, chat and eat. It is a great way to meet families and gather support. Students must be in class or with a parent in the snack room. 

Is there a nursery available? At certain times, the nursery is available to parents and their young children. If you use the nursery, please clean it up before leaving.

Can my children play outside?   No. We do not have use of the playground or other areas of the church. Children also may not play in the upstairs hallways or parking lot. Please be respectful of the church offices and other users of the building, especially the two nonLabyrinth preschools within the building.

Where can we eat lunch while at the Co-op?   All food must be eaten in the snack room. Food is not allowed in any classroom or hallway. This request comes from the church, and also helps to protect our kids with severe food allergies.

Labyrinth operates a small concessions area, The Spot, where families may purchase drinks, snacks, coffee and other small items. We have a Pizza Day once a month.

What and when is Pizza Day? Pizza is brought in from Costco on the 4th week of each session. It can be ordered and paid for at The Spot the previous week. Proceeds from the pizza sales help to defray the costs of our Labyrinth sponsored activities and craft days.

What are Kids Craft Days?  Three or four times a year our craft coordinator sets up a section of the snack room for crafts for the children to do. A small fee is charged for the crafts. If you are crafty and want to help out, let a Board Member know.

What is Kids Sale Day?   This is the day each year that kids can bring in and sell crafts that they have made at home. It is fun to see the amazing and various talents the children have as well as their entrepreneurial spirit.
Do you have a Lost and Found?   Yes. It is located near the Information Desk. Periodically items remaining in the Lost and Found will be donated. These donations will be announced beforehand in the weekly email. 

How is information sent to members?   A weekly email is sent by the Board. If you have information to include, please email the Labyrinth Board. We also have a closed Facebook group for Labyrinth families. 

Can I sell my products and services at Labyrinth? No. This is against our contract with the church. If you have non-Labyrinth information about activities that would be of interest to other homeschoolers, you may bring printed flyers to the information desk and obtain permission from a Board Member to place them out for distribution. You can also post a link on Facebook. We do not allow dissemination of political flyers. 

What about Weather Closures? If Issaquah School District is closed or delayed, Labyrinth classes will be cancelled. In rare instances, Mary Queen of Peace will close the church if the parking lot is deemed unsafe due to ice. If a decision to close is made, an email will be sent to all families.  It is a good to check your email prior to leaving for Labyrinth on winter mornings. Last minute announcements are also sent to members as a text message via the "Remind" app.

Can I attend classes with my student?   Yes, we welcome parents in the classroom. Please observe quietly. Siblings are not allowed in classes they are not registered in.  Infants are allowed with the parent as long as they are not disruptive to the class.

My child has special needs. Can Labyrinth work for us?   We welcome all families and all learners. Please use the class descriptions to find classes that would be appropriate for your child and talk to the teachers to see how to work together to make your child successful at Labyrinth. We strive to meet the needs of all students, but please recognize that some children will require more one-on-one help than our teachers can provide. Open, frequent communication will help both the teacher and parent decide if the class is a good fit for both parties.

My child is having trouble in class, what do I do?  Start by communicating with the teacher. Our teachers are anxious to work with families and students to help them address their education needs. A phone call, email, or conference is often helpful. Ask the teacher when might be the best time to talk about your student. 


Can Labyrinth bill a public school alternative program? No. We can not provide this service. Printing out your invoice should provide you with the appropriate information to send to the alternative program. 

I paid the co-op fee and tuition, but my plans changed. Can I get a refund?  No. Tuition payments are non-refundable. Our strict no refund policy protects our teachers who commit to the classes, purchase supplies, and spend their summers preparing. 

We are planning a long trip, can we stop paying for Labyrinth while we are gone? Leaves of Absence are not permitted. We have a waiting list of families wanting to join the co-op. If a current family withdraws from all classes, they will become inactive, and a family from the waiting list will be admitted in their place. Any family wanting to rejoin Labyrinth can contact us to be placed on the waiting list. They will be readmitted as room permits.

How do I change my password?   On the website, click on "forgot my password". You will be prompted to enter your username (your email address) and then receive an email to change your password. Please follow the directions. 


I would love to teach a class at Labyrinth. What do I need to know?   There are instructions for teacher proposals on the website. In late winter we send out a call to parents and interested people to suggest classes and teachers. At that time a proposal can be submitted. If you have a great teacher that you would like to see at Labyrinth, have them request via email to have website privileges so that they can consider proposing a class for our co-op. Families are involved in helping to choose what classes get put on the schedule.

I have a great idea to improve the co-op, who do I tell? Come find one of the Board Members, or shoot us an email. We are always happy to hear a great idea and tap into the talents and skills of our co op members.


As with any large group renting a great space such as Mary Queen of Peace, we have a great deal of set up and clean up each day. If you arrive early in the morning, it would be great if you help the set up team with the tables and chairs in the Snack Room. Transforming this space from a completely empty room to a room filled with tables/chairs/microwaves and a snack area requires many hands.  

Our end of the day Snack Room clean up begins at 12:30, right after lunch. By staging the cleanup of this large area in thirds, we are able to maintain a group space (of diminishing size) while not leaving a big cleanup job until the very end of the day. At 12:30, the Spot, our concessions area, closes, and tables/chairs in that area are put away. If you have been sitting in the area closest to the Spot, be aware you will be asked to move south, closer to the door near The Information Desk. The center area is cleaned at 1:30, (so those sitting there will need to move south at this time), and the final break down and cleaning is at 2:30.

As always, if you have any other questions or concerns, please let one of the Board Members know.  

Updated 3/2019