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  [54] Games Galore!Instructor: Cynthia Luce
Grades: 2nd to 3rdRoom: C143
Year: 2017Time: 12:30 PM
Class Size: 4 to 6Prerequisites: A basic desire to cooperate with others and participate in group activities and a flexible and healthy sense of competition. Some of the games will encourage cooperative play while others will be purely competitive.
Tuition: $28.00 per 4-Class SessionDuration: 1 hour
Student Provided Materials: none
One Time Cost (to teacher) $0.00Cost Description: n/a
Homework: none /
Class Description: Does your child like to play games? Then Games Galore! is the class for them. Games Galore! will expose your child to individual, small, and large group games. Utilizing a wide variety of card games, boards games, and large motor activities, we will explore the concepts of following rules, turn-taking, cooperation and competition, sportsmanship, integrity, and strategy. We will play games such as Bridge Ball, Othello, Garbage, and Four Corners as well as other games like Mancala, Spoons, Handful of Beans, and Triangles. We will also spend extra time each week diving deeper into the games by discussing strategies and adding additional rules.