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  [36] Games Galore! 15Instructor: Cynthia Luce
Grades: K to 1stRoom: C143
Year: 2017Time: 11:00 AM
Class Size: 8 to 9Prerequisites: A basic desire to cooperate with others and participate in group activities as the majority of the games will be played in small or large groups.
Tuition: $28.00 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $0.00 per 4-Class Session
Student Provided Materials: none
Annual One Time Cost $ 0.00Description: n/a
Homework: none /
Does your child like to play games? Then Games Galore! is the class for them. Games Galore! will introduce your child to individual, small, and large group games. Utilizing a wide variety of card games, boards games, and large motor activities, we will explore the concepts of following rules, turn-taking, cooperation, sportsmanship, and integrity. We will play games such as Bug in a Rug, Jenga, Memory, and Four Corners as well as other games like Mancala, War, Non-Elimination Musical Chairs, and Up the Ladder.