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  [332] Astronomy - Science You Can SeeInstructor: Mary VanDamme
Grades: 8th to AdultRoom: Pending
Year: 2019Time: 01:30 PM
Class Size: 4 to 10Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $0.00 per 4-Class SessionDuration: 1 hour
Student Provided Materials:
One Time Cost (to teacher) $200.00Cost Description: Horizon Globe SE and Homeschool Astronomy Book
Homework: Some
Class Description: Astronomy is the ultimate observational science. The objects in the sky, such as the sun, moon, stars, and planets are always moving. The sky provides a perfect laboratory to practice observing, organizing, and predicting. We will study the motion of the sun, moon phases, and how to find your favorite stars and constellations. This class is focused on what you can see in the sky (sun, moon, stars, planets), how the objects move and how to find them. The sun creates shadows and determines seasons (along with giving us heat and light!), while the moon has phases that you can see. We'll study shadows, moon phases, and other phenomenon that you can view from your backyard without a telescope.