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  [299] Digital Storytelling: Artistic Expression thru PhotographyInstructor: Mary Vance
Grades: 5th to 7thRoom: Pending
Year: 2019Time: 10:00 AM
Class Size: 5 to 15Prerequisites: An imaginative and observant mind
Tuition: $50.00 per 4-Class SessionDuration: 1 hour
Student Provided Materials: Students must have access to a digital camera that they can bring to class. A digital SLR camera or mirrorless camera with interchangeable lenses are ideal, but even cell phones can work with the right downloaded apps and accessories. Access to a computer and email will also be required throughout the year.
One Time Cost (to teacher) $0.00Cost Description:
Homework: Weekly photography prompt submitted digitally
Class Description: An artist lives inside all of us. Whether we are painting, writing, making music, or snapping a selfie, we are creating a narrative each day. This class is designed to give an introduction to photography as a means of self-expression and communication. We will learn about the camera and its operation, how to read a photograph, and how to make intentional choices in photography to tell a story with our art. This course will require some light journaling (mostly brainstorming!) as we plan each photo series. Students will work both independently and collaboratively throughout the year. As a class, we will look for inspiration and feedback from one another. We will also be looking at the work of other artists and storytellers to spark our creativity. Featured artists may include Kate T. Parker, Pete Souza, Cole Thompson, Ansel Adams, Annie Leibovitz. Instructor will provide storyboard sketchbook, student portfolios, and photographic prints at various points throughout the year. Additional supplies to replace lost or full books can be purchased through instructor at student's expense.