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  [259] Getting Attracted to Electricity & MagnetismInstructor: Ed Morin
Grades: 5th to 8thRoom: Pending
Year: 2019Time: 12:30 PM
Class Size: 6 to 12Prerequisites: Interest in electricity and desire to learn about it.
Tuition: $42.00 per 4-Class SessionDuration: 1 hour
Student Provided Materials: Optional: Safe and Simple Electrical Experiments by Rudolf F. Graf (available from Many of the activities we will do in class are based on ones from this book and it may be useful for students to have their own copy if they would like to further explore these (and other) experiments at home (especially for parents that would like to do some of these activities with their students).
One Time Cost (to teacher) $35.00Cost Description: The one-time supplies fee is used to bulk-purchase the initial materials for classroom projects and activities. Other materials and supplies costs for projects later in the year are built into the monthly tuition.
Homework: Optional activities available, but none required.
Skills: Fifth grade reading skills Good fine-motor skills Ability and willingness to follow instructions (verbal and written) Ability to calmly focus and be engaged with classroom activities
Class Description: In 600 BC, the Greek Philosopher Tales discovered static electricity. Since then, scientists and inventors have devised experiments and made additional discoveries adding to our understanding of this curious phenomenon. Allesandro Volta's invention of the battery in 1800 and Hans Christian Oersted's discovery that an electric current creates a magnetic field initiated a myriad of discoveries and innovations that have contributed to the benefits of electricity and electromagnetism we enjoy today. Over the course of the year, students will travel this same path of discovery using dozens of hands-on experiments and projects enabling them to explore and experience the basic principles of electric charge, electricity, and electromagnetism. Significant discoveries and inventions, and the scientists and inventors behind them, will be highlighted along the way.