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  [219] Creative Crafts of the World: the Early Years 2Instructor: Marilyn Romatka
Grades: 2nd to 3rdRoom: N147B
Year: 2018Time: 01:30 PM
Class Size: 4 to 15Prerequisites: none
Tuition: $26.00 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $15.00 per 4-Class Session
Student Provided Materials:
Annual One Time Cost $ NoneDescription: Consumable materials and use of tools needed each for the unit.
Homework: minimal
Folk art is fun! Have your younger ones been eyeing the Creative Crafts of the World classes at Labyrinth? Have you needed to say 'Not yet, sweetie. You're not old enough yet' too often? This year, we've got something new for you: a CCW class for 2nd and 3rd graders! The crafts will still be *real living folk crafts* from around the world, we will still discuss far-away cultures, traditional dress, and geography. But the skills will be age-appropriate, and prep the students for learning that the world is a lot larger than Washington state. (Crafts taught in this class will be distinct from the crafts taught later in the CCW 1-4 series of classes) Units may include any or all of the following: Rope making (all cultures) Aboriginal Dot Painting (Australia) Felted Soap (all cultures) Woven pot holders (all cultures) Dassenplank (Denmark) Nutcracker Painting (Germany) Origami (Japan) Kumihimo Braiding (Japan) Tablet Weaving (many cultures) Basket making (all cultures)