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  [211] Solutionaries: Seeking Solutions to Social and Global Issues 9Instructor: Laura Koch
Grades: 8th to 12thRoom: C123
Year: 2018Time: 11:00 AM
Class Size: 4 to 15Prerequisites: None.
Tuition: $36 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $0 per 4-Class Session
Student Provided Materials: Paper and writing implement should be brought to each class, as well as a notebook or folder to keep their assignments organized.
Annual One Time Cost $ NoneDescription:
Homework: 1.5-2 hours/week. More if seeking high school credit.
It is easy to become overwhelmed by all that seems wrong in our world, but there is a lot you can do to help make things right! Solutions do not happen overnight, so in this class we will start by taking a critical look at our own actions and ideals, then see how far we can extend our ripples out into the community. Beginning with an investigation into identity, privilege and bias, we will explore how society and culture teaches us to think about others, ourselves, and in turn, which issues become important to us. We will struggle with issues of institutional bias at home and abroad. With the Declaration of Human Rights, and the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development as our base, and student concerns as our guide, we will learn to identify root causes, and then brainstorm ways that we can take action, small and large. Importantly, we will engage with our community so that others will be educated and inspired. This class will draw on many resources, including: Institute for Humane Education, Oak Meadow Foundations in Social Justice, Teaching Tolerance, iCivics and more.