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  [205] Wellness through Movement and More 8Instructor: Shanyn Emerson
Grades: 8th to 12thRoom: S114
Year: 2018Time: 01:30 PM
Class Size: 6 to 15Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $$35 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $100 per Year
Student Provided Materials: none
Annual One Time Cost $ NoneDescription:
Homework: Taking a photo of their skeleton and the new clay muscle they made that week and sending it to me to be added to a website or other viewing area. Some journaling or note-taking outside of class on occasion.
This experiential class will explore concepts and techniques for the body and the mind. Students will learn basic anatomy with the help of their own personal mini-skeleton and clay to make muscles out of and attach to each week. They'll explore movement, learn how to use their feet better, and even how their nervous system affects their mobility and flexibility. We'll dive into relaxing the mind through breath work, tapping, and body rolling. The skills learned in this course will last a lifetime, and will help to provide students with a foundation of wellness and health in both mind and body.