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  [2] Drawing and More: Illustrated JournalingInstructor: Meka Zieger
Grades: 6th to AdultRoom: C126
Year: 2017Time: 12:30 PM
Class Size: 8 to 14Prerequisites:
Tuition: $35.00 per 4-Class SessionDuration: 1 hour
Student Provided Materials: Not required, but it ??s fun to check out: The Creative License ??Danny Gregory, A Life in Hand ??Hannah Hinchman, Keeping a Nature Journal ??Claire Leslie, Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain ??Betty Edwards. Exuberant journal-keepers may need additional journals as the year goes on.
One Time Cost (to teacher) $0.00Cost Description: Includes: a journal durable enough for tough artists, drawing pens, portable water brush, watercolor set, jumbo-sized newsprint pad, and a handmade journal cover. Plus we ??ll be trying out everything from calligraphy pens to watercolor paper.
Homework: /
Class Description: Drawing was once taught with the 3R's to develop skill and satisfaction. Van Gogh said, 'It's looking at things for a long time that ripens you and gives you a deeper understanding.' Pursue the study of Art and Design by keeping an illustrated journal and learn to really 'see.' This class uses your life as the vehicle for training the 4 A's: Alertness...Appreciation...Aim...and...Art. Our medium will primarily be pen and watercolor as we focus on gesture, contour, dealing with 'mistakes,' positive/negative space, lettering, elements of design, color and perspective; as well as reviewing famous artists' work. Learning to draw on-location and keep a journal is key for future art careers. I'm a graphic designer who draws daily'for more than 'practice' (see, learning repeatedly that what I haven't drawn, I've never really seen.