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  [19] Chemistry - High SchoolInstructor: Iman Yazdi
Grades: 8th to 12thRoom: C125
Year: 2017Time: 09:00 AM
Class Size: 6 to 15Prerequisites: Mastery of Algebra 1 is required. A list of concepts and skills students should know before joining class will be available, and a pretest will be required to make sure students are ready for success in class.
Tuition: $40.00 per 4-Class SessionDuration: 1 hour
Student Provided Materials: Textbook and basic supplies (paper, pencils, inexpensive scientific calculator, etc.) Some printed pages as needed.
One Time Cost (to teacher) $0.00Cost Description: Consumable lab materials, printouts.
Homework: 2-4 hours/week /
Class Description: Basic high school chemistry. This class will be at a level suitable as a foundation for further advanced (AP, College) studies. Mastery of important concepts and calculations will be emphasized. Students will be required to complete weekly homework, quizzes and take-home tests. Textbook: Introductory Chemistry (2nd Edition) by Nivaldo J. Tro Please make sure you check the ISBN number: ISBN-13: 978-0131470583 ISBN-10: 0131470582 Note: This hour cannot replace at home work, and mastery of high school chemistry requires consistent practice. If a final grade will be required for a high school transcript, please let me know before the first day of class. Although there will be some in-class lab experiments, demos, and projects, time and space limitations do not allow for a complete chemistry lab credit. Assistance will be available for those who wish to pursue a full lab credit at home.