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  [174] America Goes to War 10Instructor: Patty Spear
Grades: 7th to 9thRoom: C140
Year: 2018Time: 11:00 AM
Class Size: 5 to 12Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $30.00 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $10.00 per 4-Class Session
Student Provided Materials:
Annual One Time Cost $ NoneDescription: Monthly supply fees cover materials for activities, projects, or crafts that we do in class.
Homework: 1 -2 hours per week /
This class will focus on each of the four major wars in American History - American Revolution, Civil War, World War I and World War II, with some discussion of the events in between. We'll read historical fiction to give us a view into the time period, and go in depth into the sequence of events, looking at causes, major players, how the wars were fought, impacts both here in America and world-wide, and the effects. There will be lots of class discussion, hands-on activities, and crafts to reinforce what we have learned.