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  [164] Middle School LEGO Robotics and Scratch 2.0 17Instructor: Patricia Rector
Grades: 6th to 8thRoom: S116
Year: 2018Time: 11:00 AM
Class Size: 8 to 12Prerequisites: Students work in partner pairs and small teams for most class session. Gracious and kind interaction with class peers is emphasized. Students will be keeping an in-class Engineering Journal and should be able to write well. A solid understanding of basic fractions is expected.
Tuition: $38.00 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $15.00 per Year
Student Provided Materials:
Annual One Time Cost $ NoneDescription: In class Engineering Journals and general class supplies for class projects (paper rolls, tape, decorative supplies).
This is an intermediate level LEGO Robotics and Scratch 2.0 class for middle school students. We will use LEGO Mindstorms EV3 Robotics for progressively challenging robotics and coding projects, with an emphasis on the more complex programming capabilities of the EV3 software e.g., blocks, data, wires, files, and variables. Our robotics and engineering builds will include vehicles, launchers, wind turbines, battle bots and many open team challenges. At mid-year the class will transition to intermediate visual programming with Scratch 2.0 from M.I.T. Emphasis will be given to learning to use Procedures, Variables, String Processing and Lists. Additionally, we will incorporate a unit using Scratch 2.0 and Raspberry Pi with Java to program LEGO robotics models to move through simple challenges as further exploration of robotics and computer programming.