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  [158] Short Story Short Essay 12Instructor: Deborah Anderson
Grades: 6th to 8thRoom: C126
Year: 2018Time: 09:00 AM
Class Size: 8 to 20Prerequisites:
Tuition: $38.00 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $20.00 per Year
Student Provided Materials: Red pen, black or blue pen, pencil, highlighter, notebook for notes and keeping handouts, and index cards for vocabulary words
Annual One Time Cost $ NoneDescription: There is no text book in this class. Instead, all the stories and homework will be on handouts.
Homework: There will be about two to three hours of homework each week.
Through the year, you are going to read about 15 short stories. They will be from all different kinds of genres: science fiction, comedy, mystery, folk tales, fairy tales. We will discuss the genre, learn about the author and his/her place in history. For each short story, there will be a group project (guaranteed to be fun), a short essay assignment, and several study questions. This class is designed to give you a good look at how to write an essay. You will also improve your grammar and study skills. As a bonus, two SAT vocabulary words will be given each week. This has consistently been a fun class, so come and plan to learn and enjoy the time!