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  [150] Yoga 16Instructor: Sarah Weeldreyer
Grades: 8th to AdultRoom: C126
Year: 2018Time: 01:30 PM
Class Size: 4 to 15Prerequisites: None
Tuition: $40 per 4-Class Session
Supplies Cost: $15 per Year
Student Provided Materials: Yoga mat; or speak with instructor about options to purchase if you dont already have one)
Annual One Time Cost $ NoneDescription:
Homework: Optional only
Yoga is a physical movement practice that builds strength, enhances flexibility, and improves mindfulness. Created long ago to assist in preparing the practitioner for stillness in meditation, yoga today has grown to include thousands of different 'asanas' or postures, which can be combined into endless sequences for any body. Students will start class with quiet, mindful breathing, move through a guided 'vinyasa' style yoga class, and end in a few moments of stillness or meditation. Vinyasa means 'movement tied to breath,' and we will do just that, incorporating deep breathing, with purposeful movement suitable for any skill level. As we progress through the year, we will build on strengths and skills. I will also provide information and worksheets to take home for students who would like to create a regular practice during the rest of their week to really see the results of a consistent yoga habit. I am grateful and excited to share yoga with you next year and be a part of your progress. Namaste!