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  [126] Creative Crafts of the World (Three) 2Instructor: Marilyn Romatka
Grades: 6th to AdultRoom: N147B
Year: 2017Time: 11:00 AM
Class Size: 4 to 20 Confirmed=12, Waiting=0, Reserved=1Prerequisites: No prerequisites
Tuition: $26.00 per 4-Class Session
Recurring Supplies Cost: $20.00 per 4-Class SessionDescription:
Annual One Time Cost$0.00Description: Teacher provides everything.
Student Provided Materials: Teacher provides everything.
Homework: occasionally /
Folk Art at its best! Kids, and adults as well, love this class. Practicing fine motor-skill, hands-on techniques is more important than ever with the increase of electronic devices in our lives. In this class, we 'unplug' and create folk art; beautiful traditions that have stood the test of time! We will draw on ethnic traditions from all over the world. The CCW series of classes does not need to be taken in order, and there will be no overlap between CCW classes. All CCW classes are of similar complexity; the techniques do not get more complicated as the number goes up. The units in CCW 3 may include any or all of the following: Textile-pressed clay (ancient cultures) Inkle Loom Weaving (Scandinavia) Mosaics (ancient cultures) "Toothbrush Rugs" (looping technique) Japanese Temari (Thread) Balls Quilling (France) Finnish Star (basketry technique) Button Blankets (NW Native) Sand Painting (SW Natives) Chinese Dragon Boats Lucet Braiding